I am sitting down in Marble Arc hotel in Nairobi enjoying a sumptuous breakfast! This is significant for me because I rarely eat out. Why? I have always been on the go and in a hurry. But even more honestly, I have felt somewhat guilty spending money on my self!

But here I am! I have come here because I have decided to live my life differently this year. I want to incorporate the wisdom of Psalm 90:12 by weaving the following three principles in all that I do:

1. I will be more reflective, live in the present and the moment and celebrate God, my family, close friends and create great moments. I want to enjoy basking in the sun again. I want to listen to the birds. I want to smell the roses again. I want to listen to the laughter of children again. I want to savor again the delicious of being alive. I want to laugh again until I ran out of breath. I want to recover the tears I lost in my childhood. I want to be fully alive. I long to walk a Spirit filled life. I want to rediscover the joy and pleasure of reading and deeply meditating on the Bible. I want to rediscover the life of prayer as a put a halt on my hurried pace moving through life like an ambulance!

2. I will take more calculated risks. Before now I have been walking through life “tentatively” like I am walking on eggshells. It’s like my aim has been to arrive safely at my death with minor scratches and dents. No more! I will now run towards my fears beginning with the paralyzing fear of learning how to ride a motorbike. I will also start swimming and diving in the deep end of the swimming pool! I am tired of paddling on the shallow end with children on life jackets.

3. I will change the focus of my life and live in a way that leaves footprints of blessings in the lives of others. I have been impressed by titles. It’s true titles are okay but testimonies are greater. If one can get both, well and good! But if I have to choose, I will choose to live a life in selfless service to others. I will strive to live like the biblical Barnabas, encouraging others. I pray that I will become a man with enthusiastic optimistic faith and that when I interact with others, somehow my enthusiasm will run off on them.

I choose to live this way because I am taking Psalm 90:12 seriously. “Teach us to number our days that I may gain a heart of wisdom.”  I only have one to live and I will live it to the full…